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Divorce papers are needed while the divorce person move to another country for higher studies, job or any other purpose. It can be attested from the country of origin. It will get done in 7 Indian working days. Divorce papers are normally attested to prove the marital status of the applicant. The process involves imprinting seal and signature of the concerned authority. Partners who has been separated by law, needs to get their legal divorce certificate attested by the concerned authority. The divorce certificate attestation proves the certificate to be genuine. The attestation in most countries involves the divorce papers being attested by the embassy of the country, where the documents are to be furnished. Before the divorce certificate is submitted for attestation to the embassy, it is sent for notary attestation along with the attestation of marriage certificate and birth certificate. After receiving a divorce, if one of the partners needs to move to some other country for any given reasons like employment or other specific needs, one must make sure that the divorce certificate is being attested by the embassy of the country to which that individual is planning to travel. Since attested divorce papers are taken to be a legal proof of the authenticity of the document.

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Bharath Attestation takes the burden of attestation procedures from you and takes it upon their own shoulders, making it a whole lot easier for the clients. Apart from the top service in the sector, free collection and delivery of certificates, an efficient and accurate tracking system makes it the best choice for any client.

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