Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure

Document attestation is a complex process varying from one authority to another depending on the nature of document such as personal document. Attestation of death certificate is done to validate the genuinity of the certificate that it is issued by the concern department. It is done to recover the benefits of concerned person from the foreign country. And the process validates the seal and signature on that particular certificate. In every nation, it is compulsory to get the death certificate registered as per law prevailing in the nation. To issue the death certificate one has to report and register it with the local authority. A death can be reported to the concerned authority by the relatives of deceased. In case if it happens in a medical center it has to be reported by the medical practitioner who conducted the proceedings for the same. Once it is registered the concerned authority will grant the death certificate. The death certificate contains the information regarding date, place, and cause of the death.

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