Purpose and procedures of Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar

What is an Educational Certificate Attestation?

Educational certificate attestation is the procedure of authenticating any educational documents through verification and proving their authenticity for future migration purposes mainly. You may be advised to attest your educational certificates for many travel purposes or migration. This is a mandatory document attestation When a person has to travel or migrate to a foreign country for higher education, employment, or any area of learning. Former educational certificates have to be attested and cross-checked for proving the genuinity of the study background.
Bharath International provides reliable and fast documentation for Educational certificate attestation services in Qatar. In education certificate attestation, there are many important documents and all are taken with utmost care and responsibility. Attestation of degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate etc is the certificate that usually comes under educational certificates and generally, this certificate attestation is handled by experienced documentation professionals as they are very important certificates important for building up a career and high benefits for your future. Educational certificate attestation is mandatory to increase the credibility of the certificate for international purposes regarding your migration and higher education.

What are the major Educational certificates?

  • Diploma certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • HSC certificate
  • SSLC certificate
  • PG certificate
  • PhD Certificate

Purpose of Educational Certificate Attestation

Educational certificate attestation is mandatory for many purposes to verify that your learning background is true and Authentic.

  • For Higher education.
  • For Employment.
  • For Migration.
  • To attain a Job or work permit in a foreign company
  • Family dependent visa for spouse and children
  • Setting up Business in a foreign country
  • Sponsorship or Resident Visa
  • Change of Profession abroad
  • Change of Visa status abroad

Reason to pick us

Bharath international is an experienced team of professionals that can provide complete support, guidance and assistance throughout the documentation and Educational certificate attestation in Qatar. we have experts in certificate and document handling. We regularly update our services and parameters periodically with the different Ministries and Embassies. We never fail to share the same with our repeat clients and corporates to make sure that the process is streamlined at all times.

As a committed attestation team, we ensure our clients are fairly and accurately informed of all the processes, documents requirement, processing times, charges of services, package tracking, help desks and much more. Keeping the client informed has been our key to achieving our goals and we never fail to satisfy our clients.

Bharath International Provisions

Bharath International takes the burden of educational certificate attestation procedures from anyone who is in need and takes it upon their own shoulders, making it a whole lot easier for any person who needs to get certificates attested. Apart from the top service in the sector, we provide a variety of services to our clients such as:

  • We provide documents and certificate handling experts who have wide knowledge to overcome the attestation process to execute the attestation/legalization procedure in a very short time.
  • Our staffs are well trained and can easily handle cases deal with official departments and clients too
  • We have GPS tracking facilities and they can provide accurate location regarding the package via text message or comfortable means
  • Any unexpected delays in the processing are pre-informed to the client with proper reasoning.
  • We ensure zero delays and no negligence in the Educational certificate attestation process.
  • We provide free collection service and delivery services anywhere in Qatar

What is the processing time for the Attestation of Educational Certificates?

Educational certificate attestation is fast and reliable, you can get attested within 2-3 days, we are able to give the attested document to your doorstep within 7 Indian working days. Any type of educational document is attested within 7 Indian working days along with proper tracking and status of the document.

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