Personal Certificate Attestation and its reasons

Attestation is the procedure of Examing the Authenticity of a document by verifying and confirming every small detail given on it and after that manifesting it authentic with the sign, seal or signature of verifying personnel who is handling the documentation on it. Legalization of a document to the required level is compulsory so that it could be accepted easily in any foreign country you wish to go to. Proper attestation of documents is very important if you’re planning to migrate or go abroad. Attesting your documents is for ensuring a safe and trouble-free journey and that’s why it’s considered a steady and careful process. You can see the seriousness of the document process just by seeing and reading the face of the government officials or person who is handling the documentation procedure or Attestation. BHARATH INTERNATIONAL provides the best certificate attestation service in the documentation procedures and we have active attestation services in Qatar.

Personal certificates and Attesting them

Talking of attestation, there are many types of certificate attestation and the nature of documents vary from each other. You must be wondering why are we telling all this, so coming to the point each attestation has its own protocols and the nature of the certificate plays an important role in it. Time of attestation and the governing official’s procedure changes according to the document, BHARATH INTERNATIONAL attestation is so fast and safe as we always satisfy our clients by delivering their attested document on time. Any type or nature of your document, we assume you to deliver within 7 Indian working days in your hands. we have active attestation services in Qatar

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Personal certificates and reasons for Attesting

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Medicinal reports
  • Death certificate
  • Legal heirship

Marriage Certificate attestation

A Marriage Certificate is an important personal document that requires legalization. The authentication of the Marriage Certificate is necessary for proving your and your document’s authenticity. The process of legalization is implemented by the native government granting permission to enter the desired country abroad.

The purpose of marriage certificate attestation

  • Migration procedures
  • Obtaining a family residence visa
  • Sponsorship of the spouse

Birth certificate attestation

An attested birth certificate is a mandatory document if a person is considering studying abroad. Normally, any college or university one gets accepted asks you to yield a copy of the certificate. Along with the educational institutions, it is a necessary requirement for the visa too. It gives crucial information such as the country of origin along with the date of birth of the person.

Purpose of birth certificate attestation

  • Migrating abroad
  • Educational purposes
  • Changing the name of the child

Medicinal Report Attestation

It is the act of witnessing a Medical certificate by an authorised person with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that the specified Medical certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and the signature on that particular Medical certificate is genuine and authentic. You can easily avail of our attestation services in Qatar as we have an active branch over there.

Purpose of medicinal report attestation

  • Submitting sick leave for an organization
  • Emergency migration purposes

Death certificate attestation

Death certificate attestation is used to establish the fact of death legally, and for relieving the deceased from social, legal and official obligations.

Purpose of Death certificate attestation

  • Closing bank accounts
  • Claiming insurance
  • Selling property

Legal Heirship Attestation

Attestation of the Legal heir certificate attestation is mainly used for acquiring the inheritance of any property, which is left behind by the deceased person. This document is used to determine the appropriate legitimate heir for the ownership of a property on the sudden demise of the registered owner and to determine the next authority or a successor.

Purpose of attesting legal Heirship

  • Claiming ownership of properties and assets
  • Changing legal rights of a property
  • Finance purposes

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