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We all pursue our studies on the hope of getting a dream job. Our all time and long term dream of family will be cherished when you qualify in a programme. Whatever education you have earned, it is very important to get authentication from officials. We are not speaking about the official proof of University or schools. We all know that your certificate’s credibility as the document clearly answer your credentials. Your name, family background, Educational qualification and so on will be specified. So, attestation of a document only can assure the genuinity of your degree or diploma. Therefore, mark sheet attestation is required and mandatory when you are planning an education or job overseas.

<>Mark Sheet Attestation

Let us see what is an attestation?

Attestation in simple words is the official authentication of government officials about a proof. The document can be professional, commercial or personal. Whatever the certificate, getting attestation from the concerned home department and followed by Embassy attestation of the immigrating country. In official letters, attestation is “ The act of attending the execution of a document and bearing witness to its authenticity, by signing one’s name to it to affirm that it is genuine. The certification by a custodian of records that a copy of an original document is a true copy that is demonstrated by his or her signature on a certificate.” With attestation, you can board wherever you like without tensions.

Are you planning to board into Arab countries?

The purpose may be earning bread for you family or a getting international education from overseas university.

So, you may wonder how to attest mark sheet attestation in Qatar?

Don’t worry. We can find you the best way and make acquaint with attestation procedures.

Qatar is an arab country, in which 2.3 million muslim people resides. It is tiny in size related to its neighbour Saudi Arabia. It is an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by Sheikh Tamim Bin Hammad Al Thani. It ranks number one in the top affluent country’s list with a per capita GDP of $ 141, 543. The government is strict in terms of certificate attestation rules. Migrating without attested certificate into such an affluent country would be a dreadful mistake !

Getting attestation on your own is a mundane as well as tedious task . Their procedures lasts for hours and there will be lots of intricacies involved. Fast attestation services in Qatar can help you. There are many attestation service providers available in Qatar. But, you must be vigilant when choosing the one for attestation.

Let us have a concise look at whole phases of attestation.

Attestation Process In Qatar

Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

Every country’s attestation process differs slightly so Qatar’s. Attestation process generally involves tiers of process across departments in both countries. There are three types of attestation procedure.

1) State Attestation

It is the attestation takes place first in one’s homeland and you can get attested your credentials and after that go for Ministry of Educational Attestation process. Without this, your documents will not have no value in another country. State attestation office confirms and verifies documents ensuring credibility.

2) Ministry Of External Affairs Attestation

MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities. It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a central level carried out by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation


An Apostille is a type of attestation in which certificates are legalized in an appropriate form that is valid in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. Basically, Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world acknowledges Apostille including Qatar. It is an international attestation assures authenticity in western world.

Bharath International, is one of the prominent attestation service providers in Qatar. Certificate attestation is mandatory for an individual who wish to migrate into Qatar.We are happy to help you in this endeavour. Our expertise and years of knowledge will surely beneficial for you. We offer fabulous services, which are time bound, quality assured and efficient. You can be literally free when opting our services for attestation.

Mark Sheet Attestation

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