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Many times people get confused with questions like how to get community certificate for my child or what is the actual attestation procedure for marriage certificate or else how should I do talent attestation etc. Attestation is the method of checking the authenticity of a document with the sign of the verifying personnel. Original documents must be submitted for the process of attesting documents for Qatar. Attestation is a must process if you are moving abroad. Your Personal, Educational Or Commercial Documents must get verified by Qatar embassy attestation. This is to avoid difficulties or rejections from the foreign country you are going to stay.

Attestation of degree, marriage certificate attestation, Birth Certificate Attestation are important as per the requirement if you are applying for a visa. The officials verify the originality of your documents and then attest them granting you your visa. If you apply for a family visa then marriage certificate attestation is mandatory.

There are mainly three types of attestation:

1. State Attestation

State attestation is required according to the type of certificate. For educational certificates, State Education Department should attest the same. General Administration Department of the concerned state attests your personal certificates. This should be done before your documents get verified from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

2. MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) then certifies the material and provides MEA Stamp as proof of verification. Once done they will forward it for Embassy attestation. It is important that you get attestation from Ministry of External Affairs otherwise you find it difficult to get Embassy attestation.

3. Embassy Attestation

Embassy or Consulate attestation is done after the MEA attestation. The respective embassy of Qatar or Oman will approve the document once the attestation from MEA occurs. Sometimes after Qatar embassy attestation it can pass on further for re-verification.

You might often get confused with Qatar embassy document attestation process. Bharath International an expert in the field of genius attestation services could come forward for your help. Being a genuineness certificate attestation provider we follow all the rules and regulations of the attestation process and get your documents authenticated as fast as possible.

Our exceptional efforts to get Qatar embassy attestation through straight forward methods makes us number one in this field. For some types of attestation procedures you may require notary attestation and for some this is not required. Once you entrust Bharath International the duty of getting your certificates attested you don’t have to worry about all these.

These are some tips that may help you in selecting the right genuineness certificate provider for your mission.

Excellent track record

Make sure that the service provider you have selected for attesting documents for Qatar have an excellent track record. Read the reviews from the previous customers in their social media site like Facebook, website, twitter etc. If they are satisfactory you can easily go for the same. In case of Bharath International we have a long list of happy clients whom we have served so far.

Fairly priced services

Many agencies charge high for Qatar embassy document attestation which is not affordable for the customers. Bharath International being one of the genius attestation services works for reasonable price, delivering exceptional service to our customers. You can also check for the rates of the services from different firms and get the best services according to your pocket.

Real time tracking facilities

Attestation of degree, marriage certificate attestation, Birth Certificate Attestation, talent attestation etc. is a time consuming process. Your agency must track the updates regarding your attestation process. The agency must be able to give you a tracking no. for your consignment, once you submit the papers. Real time tracking facilities will enable you to get regular updates about the position of your papers.

Customer care support

This is the most important part in any business service. Your agency must be able to serve you at any time by phone and mail. Customer care service should be available 24*7 and must be ready to answer all your queries related to Qatar embassy attestation. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide the best customer care support for our clients attending to all doubts clarifying them.

Data confidentiality

Your documents must be confidential and safe once you entrust your work with the agency. As a trusted genius attestation services provider Bharath International ensure that your data is safe and is not misused in any manner. We provide the most reliable service in the field of attesting documents for Qatar handling all the procedures to the mark.

Hiring the best attestation service provider like Bharath International saves your time, money and energy. We can deliver all the services you require extra ordinarily within the limited time frame at reasonable prices. For any type of attestation contact us.

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