Procedures for Degree Attestation in Qatar

Educational certificate attestation is the process of verifying and validating educational documents. Degree certificate attestation is a prerequisite when it comes to professional or academic purposes.  Degree attestation in Qatar is a crucial procedure Qatar wants everyone to follow it before migrating to Qatar. Certificate attestation for Qatar is a lengthy process. So you have to do it with professionals.  Hence Bharath International attestation services  ease the attestation procedures for you.

Importance of attesting your certificates

 Degree attestation in Qatar

Attestation is essential if you want to obtain employment abroad. The world has become a global village, traveling to places for professional and academic purposes has become quite easy. So, go through the right means and you can have a safe journey along with a secure career or studies. By getting your degree or educational certificates attested, you attain an employment card for your professional purposes. The employment card makes you valid to work in the respective foreign nation. An employment card along with attested documents would also fetch you a residence visa enabling you to settle along with your family.

Education Certificate Attestation in Doha

Degree attestation In Qatar


Now let us give you a glance regarding the various procedures required for the Education Certificate Attestation in Doha. As mentioned above, obtaining an attestation stamp from Qatar is a valid proof for the authenticity of your documents. Along with the authentication of the documents, it will also approve of you as a permissible individual. The concerned certificates are checked and verified at different levels and this makes it a lengthy process.  Only authorized personnel does the attestation.

Attestation process in educational certificate attestation for Qatar


Degree attestation in Qatar

The attestation of any educational certificate attestation for Qatar includes

  • Step one- Notary attestation from the home country. The initial stage of an educational attestation is done from the home department of the respective state. Once the notary attestation is done, the certificates are to be submitted at the home department.


  • Step two- option A- SDM attestation for Qatar. The sub-divisional magistrate’s office at Delhi verifies and attests the documents.


  • Step two- option B- HRD on the document for Qatar. The State Human Resource Department (HRD) is in charge of attesting certificates and documents issued by the paramedical and medical institution, Govt. school, Govt technical boards and others.  The Ministry of the external department and Embassy attestation takes up attestation from the former department.


  • Step two- option C- Foreign affairs attestation from the home country. The home department authenticates the document looking at the content of the document. Authentication of the certificate is the accurate representation of the originality of the document.


  • Step – three. MEA attestation for Qatar. After the authentication of the home department and  the Ministry of External Affairs carries out the attestation before handing it over to the Qatar Embassy. MEA attestation is necessary for the Education department attestation or Home department attestation. MEA is responsible for all educational, non-educational, commercial documents.


  • Qatar Embassy attestation. Here,  the Embassy of Qatar in New Delhi makes the attestation.    Embassy or consulate in Qatar does the final verification of all the educational or personal or professional documents issued by the particular country.


  • Ministry of foreign affairs from Qatar. The process of attestation ends here when the Ministry of Foreign affairs from Qatar verifies it  and gives their seal and stamp.

So process of attestation depends on the nature of the document and also the purpose of attestation. The various documents for degree certificate attestation are:

  • original documents of the certificates.
  • consolidated mark list of the certificates.
  • verification letter from the University or college.
  • full-time courses affiliated to UGC, AICTE or NAAC .

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