How a Newborn child get Qatar Visa

Being a father and mother is a bliss and a lifelong responsibility. It is the most satisfying responsibility that one can take care of. It is time for happiness and lots of stress at the same time. The life of a parent itself is a balancing act, isn’t it? You will definitely agree with this.  As you have to balance the roles at your workplace at the same time as a parent. The anxiety and stress can be aggravated if you are planning immigration. Acquiring a Qatar visa for your little one can be a tiresome task if you are unfamiliar with migrating country’s attestation procedure. Understanding all requirements and act in a way seems to be more tedious for ordinary people. And therefore, how can you get your child’s Qatar visa? The answer is simple. Finding a renowned attestation provider can be a real help. 

birth certificate attestation in Qatar

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So, first, let us understand why birth certificate attestation is pivotal for Qatar visa and what are its procedures too.

The attested documents are necessary for any immigration process. Qatar is no exception. All documents need official confirmation in the form of signatures and stamps. Official validation of your claims is called attestation. You can apply for the visa when only accompanied by attested certificates. 

Now, do you see the importance of birth affidavit certificate attestation?

The first step towards getting your little one’s visa is to get an attested birth certificate. The birth certificate is the foremost evidence of your baby’s date of birth and origin. Attesting your child’s birth certificate assures credibility towards the claim.

The initial phase of attestation takes place one’s home department and the last phase would be the embassy office. 

In common, the attestation has three phases.

All attestation procedures have slight differences in many countries. However, major procedures are always the same. Attestation fees also may have differences depending upon your procedure. 

1) State Attestation

All your certificates or claims are validated by the respective officials from the state department. Without state attestation, your claim has no value in any other country.

2) MEA Attestation 

MEA attestation is carried out only after concerned state departments. It is a must-have for all type of attestation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries all procedures in an exact manner.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation. It is the last phase of the attestation procedure carried out by the Oman embassy.  

Many certificate attestation services offered in Qatar, Among them, Bharath international has a prominent place. Like Qatar, many countries accept Apostille attestation as an international standard. 


An Apostille is a kind of attestation that is globally recognized that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world validate Apostille including Qatar and Doha. It is an international attestation to ensure validity. 

Importance of Apostille

  •  get your visa
  •  apply for a work permit
  •  apply for a family visa
  •  prove your genuinity

Let us get to know all the procedures regarding newborn’s Qatar visa.

Getting a birth certificate

The process of getting a birth certificate is simple as you have to submit the following documents and fill up a form. Some officials may request for extra copies. 

The needed documents:

  • The passport of parents along with photostat
  • Photostat of parents visa
  • Copy of attested marriage certificate

Obtaining the passport

You can get a passport only after meeting all the requirements by the embassy office. After getting a passport, you can submit all documents and pay the fee of visa at your immigration service office.

All these procedures must be completed within two months of time after the baby’s birth. 

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