Bharath International Attestation Services

Bharath International attestation services

Migration has become a common term in modern life as many countries rapidly develop by inviting immigrants. Bharath International attestation services are considered the best in Qatar. We have been providing educational, non-educational, and personal document attestations at affordable prices.

When it comes to legalizing a document, there are many formalities and requirements that need to be considered. With many people planning or already moving abroad to pursue their professional ambitions or objectives, the requirement for a genuine attestation and apostille-related service provider is imperative.


We offer different types of attestation services, from degree certificates to experience certificates, along with other services such as PAN cards, translation, etc. For individuals who’re moving abroad, attestation can turn out to be a complicated process to follow and complete. Our team consists of industry-leading experts and well-trained individuals who can assist and handle the procedures with proper guidelines.

They will take the necessary steps and deliver the attested documents without any delays. At Bharath International, we believe communication plays an important role in any line of business, so our team will always be available round the clock to clear up queries regarding the attestation and apostille procedures.


For Your Ambitions, Rely on Bharath International Attestation Services

With years of experience in the attestation industry, Bharath International is the ideal destination for making your dreams a reality. Since our firm is located in Qatar, we have a wide reach in different parts of the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Bharath International attestation services can complete the legalisation of your certificates within 7–10 Indian working days, and unlike many other firms, we don’t charge fees for collection and delivery. Our mode of business operations is transparent and convenient to avoid hindrances and emphasise customer satisfaction.


An attestation involves a chain of procedures that includes several administrations of a nation, so having our experience can save you time and, most importantly, money. Once a document is attested, it will be regarded as genuine by foreign embassies, and you can go after your dreams abroad.

Ever since we started our operations in Qatar, we have been successfully helping our customers with their attestation requirements. Bharath International is the very first name you should think of when you’re thinking about attesting your educational or non-educational documents.

From Bharath International, Various Attestation Services

Are you searching for an authentic attestation service provider to attest your engineering certificates? Bharath International is here to assist you. We provide different types of attestation services that range from personal to cooperative documents.

To complete any attestation procedure, authorities demand the submission of genuine documents. When you’re handing over documents to Bharath International, we will take care of them by providing insurance.


Every person who is moving abroad will have a purpose, and as an attestation-related service provider, we understand the importance of the attestation procedure to our customers. Our highly-trained staff is known for taking care of any demanding challenges that usually occur during the attestation process.

If not done properly, an attestation process could be convoluted, and the chances of rejecting documents will increase. Bharath International can provide attestation services that go beyond limitations with a better understanding of foreign policies and increased accessibility.

Attest Your Documents Without Any Hassle

No matter where you’re traveling or migrating in the world, it is important to submit attested documents to eliminate any legal issues. Bharath International attestation services are available to help with your certificate attestation at any time of the day. 

With years of dedication and unwavering service in providing different types of attestation solutions to our customers, we have become the most preferred attestation firm in Qatar.

Understand More About the Apostille Required Countries

Apostille Required Countries | Qatar

The term “apostille” is quite a familiar word that we hear often when we try to study or migrate to any nation that belongs to the Hague Convention. Most of us are frequently frustrated by the lengthy apostille procedures that take up a significant portion of our day.

With Bharath International, you can understand more about the procedures of apostille required countries and complete your requirements within a short period of time. Over the last couple of years, we have helped a lot of our customers with their certificate attestation as an attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar.

The opportunities in Qatar are boundless, as the nation is a global capital for modern business solutions. So the rules and regulations also became more challenging for ordinary people to follow, especially in the matter of apostille and attestation services.

Bharath International identifies and acts as a reliable partner for dealing with hectic certificate attention by lifting the burden on customers. We take accountability for the entire attestation procedure without making our customers uncomfortable and complete the whole procedure in record time.

Bharath International Can Help You With Procedures For Apostille Required Countries 

There are more than 100 nations that are part of the Hague Convention, and once you complete the apostille of a document, then it is valid for the entire group of nations that belong to the Hague Convention.

Bharath International can help you with procedures for apostille required countries. An apostille is usually a type of attestation in which the documents are legalized in a specific format.

If it’s not done right, it can take a lot of time, so it is better to have a professional attestation service provider along with you. Bharath International offers a complete apostille service in Qatar around the clock. Our team is lively and responsive to every certificate attestation.

With many people either migrating or studying at foreign universities, the possibilities of false acts on certificates are limitless, so every country has its own certificate attestation requirements.

Well, most of the time, once a document is apostilled, it cannot be rejected, but sometimes if there’s an issue with the origin of the attestation, then it can become counteract, so having an experienced attestation service provider like Bharath International is quite important. Still, have some doubts? Contact our experts and start your attestation procedures now.

The Customer-Oriented Apostille and Attestation Services of Bharath International

There are many attestation firms located in Qatar that offer several attestation services, and then there is Bharath International. We have quickly garnered some applause and goodwill by offering customer-oriented apostille and attestation services in the heart of Qatar.

Our well-trained workforce can take care of personal, educational, and non-educational certificate attestations at any time of the day. By infusing modern technologies into our day-to-day operations, we are always a step ahead than others for you.

We are passionate about our work and always understand the requirements of our customers. Having your documents attested can ease out the hectic requirements while you move to Qatar or any other developed nation. All of our processes are cost-effective as we provide free collection and delivery of attested documents.

Bharath International Always Understands Your Requirements 

As the foremost attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar, we take care of every type of certificate attestation by understanding your requirements.  Our experts can explain all the timid procedures for the apostille required countries.

Nowadays, it is important to get your certificates attested, so let us take the responsibility for yours and remove the burden from your shoulders. Bharath International provides the most complete apostille and attestation services in the Middle East.

Fast and Secure Experience Certificate Attestation by Bharath International

Experience Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Bharath International

If you’re planning to work in a high-profile company in Qatar or any other country, then experience certificate attestation is a must-done procedure to show the genuinity of your work status and to avoid any future hassles.

Also known as the employment certificate, the experience certificate is provided to the employee upon the completion of his/her employment and certifies the employee’s experience in an organization. Bharath International provides a fast and secure certificate attestation service in Qatar.

Getting your documents attested is not a headache anymore. Our experts can personally assist you and complete every document attestation within a short period of time. Since there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you abroad, it is better to attest all your documents as early as possible.

Bharath International offers marriage certificate attestation along with many other certificate attestations at affordable prices. With quality customer service and a professional approach to every demand by our customers, we have made a reputable name in this work division.

Experience Certificate Attestation Service by Bharath International

The experience certificate consists of information regarding work experience, the name of the designation, your achievements, and so on. Procedures for experience certificate attestation are normally long and time-consuming.

There are many legal requirements for attesting an experience certificate, but Bharath International can take the burden from you. Our expertise and decision-making skills can ease your attestation procedure without any delay.

Bharath International is very much driven by customer satisfaction. Our well-trained staff will personally update you with every update of your attestation status and also provide you with a tracking ID to help you keep up with the attestation procedure.

Having your experience certificate attested by a designated person, authority, or department will always boost your chances of landing an attractive job abroad. At Bharath International, we are eagerly waiting to assist you with attestation and apostille-related services.

We Offer Professional Marriage Certificate Attestation 

Marriage certificate attestation is an obligatory process for traveling with your spouse abroad. Attesting your marriage certificate by an authorised person or department or authorities with their official seal and signature will prove that your marriage certificate is legally authentic and genuine.

In Qatar, Bharath International is the most preferred service provider for attestation and apostille-related services for many residents. For families who are planning to migrate abroad, the attestation of the marriage certificate is very important since it proves your relationship with your wife.

Marriage certificates are part of your personal certificates that need legalization. A good designation is important to get family status in the Gulf and other countries. An attested degree or other qualification certificate is mandatory for most countries.

Bharath International can speed up this time-consuming procedure for you. We value your privacy, and every document will be insured for safety. Like with any other service we provide, our focus is always on fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Bharath International is Always There!

Over the years, Bharath International has been a lifesaver for many customers. Let it be an experience certificate attestation or any document attestation, our experts are there for you round the clock to assist you and sort out the complications that normally occur in attestation services.

We don’t charge any fees to collect your documents and also deliver attested documents to your doorsteps. Our experience and commitment make us different from the rest. When you contact us for personal requirements like marriage certificate attestation, we take full responsibility for your documents and complete your attestation swiftly.

No matter where you are planning to migrate or apply to study, Bharath International can sort out any attestation hassles because we are always there for you.

How To Get Your Medical Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Medical Certificate Attestation is becoming a necessity for everyone for many purposes. It is the most demanded certificate while applying for a job. It has other application too; as it can indicate a person’s medical condition thus serve as a proof for the same. Such medical certificates are mandatory document if you want to claim benefits from your workplace or insurance. In some places, it is vital for calculating your tax or legal obligations. 

The importance of certificate attestation

As we have seen every certificate is proof of your claim. To validate it, you need to undergo an attestation procedure.  Certificate attestation of your medical certificate asserts your wellness by officially proclaiming your fitness. Son getting your visa or applying for a job overseas become a piece of cake. Getting a job in Qatar or simply a visa needs to be attested medical certificate. Your medical certificate is void unless attested. Migrating into a foreign land often demands attested papers including medical certificate.

A medical certificate usually covers the following details;

  • The name of the doctor also the patient
  • The date and day of the examination
  • The name and address of your employer/ firm/insurance
  • MAy cover the medically diagnosed time period
  • Facts or other medical conditions observed by the employer
  • Do not include any abbreviations

Do you ever wonder what are the procedures of attestation? Or what do we mean by attesting a certificate? 


Attestation in a few words is an official authentication of a claim or proof by a government official. It needs to differ according to requisites or persons, even from countries. As each country has its own attestation procedures. This is official and authentic confirmation for your claims with concerned department seals.  It ensures transparency, credibility for you and tension free mind in an alien land. Charges for attestation also differ from one country to another. 

1) State Attestation

Medical Certificate Attestation

All your certificates or claims are validated by the respective officials from the state department. Without state attestation, your claim has no value in any other country.

2) MEA Attestation 

MEA attestation is carried out only after concerned state departments. It is a must-have for all type of attestation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries all procedures in an exact manner.

3) Embassy Attestation

Medical Certificate Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation. It is the last phase of the attestation procedure carried out by the Oman embassy.

Many certificate attestation services offered in Qatar, Among them, Bharath international has a prominent place. Like Qatar, many countries accept Apostille attestation as an international standard. 


An Apostille is a kind of attestation that is globally recognized that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world validate Apostille including Qatar and Doha. It is an international attestation to ensure validity. 

Importance of Apostille

The apostille attestation is necessary for getting a visa, work permit, family visa or to prove innocence.

Attestation Services 

Medical Certificate Attestation

Obtaining your attested medical certificate is no more a difficult task. All you need to do is to find out the best attestation provider. When searching for the perfect one, you ought to have vigilance as there are many fraudulent firms popping up. It is better to take little time to understand the company and the history of their service etc. After such a clear analysis, you will be in a position to select the best attestation provider.

Certificate attestation services

Certificate attestation services are mandatory for all legal purposes. Whether applying for a job or getting a visa or insurance claim, the need for a medical certificate is obvious. Certificates are well-earned ones, many require time and resources. And therefore, the attestation service agency must be a perfect pick for you. Ensuring this saves your energy and resources. Being a prolific attestation agency provides you with the best services for its customers. Their first preference will be customer satisfaction and timeliness service. 

Bharath International, being the best attestation service provider excels in terms of reliability and quality. We value our expansive clientele and always bent on to cherish their requisites. The attestation procedures are difficult to attain for ordinary people, but with us your resources are safe.

Each attestation procedure is carried out by experts. And so, high quality is an expectant thing in the attestation. We take care of all attestation needs such as personal, professional and commercial paper works. With us, you can achieve all your needs before time. We cherish your time and money also the love you gave us.

Document Translation: What Should You Know About

certificate translation services in Qatar

We all know that language is a medium for communication between people. Even in the business field, communication must be clear and precise so as to avoid problems in the future. When it comes to business activities between different countries, a universal language i.e English is followed. However, there may be cases where the native languages must be used for purposes.

Consider an example that is, you want to come to Qatar for education or employment purposes. For that, you will have to submit your documents for verification, which is getting attested. Although English is primarily used language in foreign countries for informal communication, but here in Qatar or any other Arab country you will be required to submit your documents in the native language of that country which is Arabic.

The Problem

If you are proficient in Arabic, then you won’t have any issues, but it is not the case with most of the people. You will need to translate your documents into Arabic and submit. Failure to do that will result in not being able to do what you came for or even worse, you won’t be allowed to enter the country.

Therefore, not knowing the native language of the target country can become a headache if you don’t know the language but, there’s always hope. With the proper assistance from well-reputed agencies that provide certificate translation services in Qatar, you won’t have any issues regarding language problems.

Why Document Translation Is Needed?

As mentioned earlier, some countries may require the contents of the documents submitted in their native language for authenticity purposes or either they are not familiar with your native language. Document translation is important for many purposes that range from legal personal, educational and commercial that are demanded as per the requirement of purpose. 

Say you want to start a business or enrol for higher studies, whatever the purpose, if a translation of your documents is asked, then you have to submit them as it is the law. Sometimes, you may not even require document translation once the officials are convinced about your details. Document translation is not an easy procedure as it must be done carefully so as to avoid potential problems in the future.

certificate translation services in Qatar

Things You Should Know

As mentioned in the above paragraph, translating a document is a procedure that must be done with extreme care and caution because the translated copy must be the same as the original in terms of content format, meaning and structure. If any errors are formed while translating, it leads to serious consequences. This is extremely important when translating legal documents for businesses.

So, here we point out certain things that you must know when you opt for document translation in the native language of the foreign country.

Native Legal Translators

This is very important because the person who does the translations must be fluent in their native language and the language in the document. They should also have a solid idea about the contents in the document. Apart from that, they must possess a strong knowledge in various legal terms which are commonly used in official documents.

If the translator that does not have an idea about the document that is to be translated, then the consequences are pretty bad. However, availing the translation services from the best attestation companies in Qatar will help with that.

Proper Translation

Even if you manage to get a native translator, the work is not finished. This is not some fifth-grade seminar report, it is an important piece of document. Therefore, translation procedures should be done correctly. This means including the right seal, signature, stamps, dashes, etc.

In other words, the translated document should resemble exactly the original document in terms of visual format. If any sort of errors is made in translating the document, the officials can deny your permission to get into the country. The services of a professional attesting agency can solve all these issues.

certificate translation services in Qatar

Professional Agencies

Since document translation is an important process, the services must be done by professional and reputed attesting agencies. When choosing always consider factors like reputation, experience and previous translation works, if done any. When it comes to that, Bharath International is one of the agencies that provide the best translation services & attestation services in Qatar.

Why Bharath?

We have been providing the best certificate attestation services & legal document translations for clients for the past years. What makes us the best among the other’s is how we are able to complete a client job within the time limit. 

certificate translation services in Qatar

When it comes to services, our services include attestation of educational certificates such as degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate attestation, company document attestation & more.

If your purpose in Qatar requires document translation procedures or certificate attestation procedures, then make sure that it is done with Bharath International as we provide 24 Hours Attestation Service for certificates.

How To Attest Board Certificate In Qatar

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

We humans are scattered all over the world and in many countries. The dispersion has many reasons including personal and political reasons. Everything has  changed and today people disperse into many countries. Reason behind this diaspora is often personal. Many who migrate are going overseas for a better job prospects and a good standard of living . Or they migrate to earn fabulous educational opportunities and settle there eventually.

<>Board Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Naturally, when you are planning to migrate to a foreign land, you need to be accurate and genuine in terms of your claims. They need to ensure who you are, what is your motive, How you are going to meet living expenses and so on. Official can discover all about you and your purpose of visit by cross examining details.

What are these details?   Are these just certificates?

Of course, you will have supporting documents and certificates of merits with you. But, they are worthless if  it is not attested.

Attestation is what makes your proofs valid, authentic and in turn helps you to enter in a country without any hassles.

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

Attestation is official and authentic confirmation  for your claims with concerned department seals. It ensures transparency, credibility for you and tension free mind in an alien land. Attestation fees may differ from country to country. But, you must get your certificates attested.

If you are planning to migrate to an arab country like Oman , you will need your certificates get attested, including board certificate. Qatar is an Arab state and has hard and fast rules regarding attestation.

One of the utmost important certificate attestation demands our attention is board certificate . This comes under the category of  educational attestation. It is a very important document to be attested for an enrollment to a university or to get a job prospect. Your educational certificates must be attested in home land and followed by MEA and lastly embassy attestation.

The following are the three tires of attestation. Board certificate attestation for Qatar has its own attestation procedures.

  • State Attestation

    It is the attestation takes place first in one’s homeland and you can get attested your credentials and after that go for Ministry of Educational Attestation process. Without this, your documents will not have no value in another country. State department confirms and verifies documents ensuring credibility.

  • MEA Attestation

    MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities. It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a central level carried out by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

  • Embassy Attestation

    Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation. It is the last phase of attestation procedure carried out by Qatar  embassy.

Attestation procedure will have slight differences. These procedures can be tedious and complex  when we do. Why say so? We are not familiar with all legal procedures and official orders. Apart from these problems, it will take our lion’s  share regarding time and effort. It is always advisable to seek help from experience attestation service providers.

Board certificate attestation in Qatar can be done with prominent service providers. But caution is required to selecting a consultation agency. You must verify the service history and how well they suit your current  needs.

Board certificate attestation for Qatar

Bharath international has a long and reliable history in the field of attestation. We carry all attestation procedures wholeheartedly and make you feel at ease. We are keen on our client’s happiness and are happy to assist in this endeavour. We take care of all your attestation needs whether it is professional or personal including board certificates.

Some of the prominent services are :

  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Degree Certificate Attestation 
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation 
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation 
  • Provisional Certificate Attestation 
  • Pan Card Services
  • Affidavit
  • Legal Heirships
  • Divorce Papers
  • Business Certificate Attestation 
  • Death Certificate Attestation 
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation 
  • Board Certificate Attestation 
  • Translation Services
  • Commercial Set up

Attestation is a legal process needs utmost care unless you will face lots of unwanted troubles.  We make sure this won’t happen and let you feel comfortable. Our experienced staff and years of knowledge helps to do things in a quick way. We are adept at  fast attestation services in Qatar, furthermore we provide these facilities for your convenience.

  1. Free Collection & Delivery 
  2. Track your document status
  3. Payment only after delivery 
  4. Documents Insured

Free pick up and delivery service saves your time and you can easily track each phase of attestation. You can feel at  ease and pay our reward only after completion of process. Your documents are treated with care. Besides, we provide insurance for all documents.

Your certificate attestation services are secure in our hands as we thoroughly understand how you are pining after your dreams.

Get Birth Certificates Attested The Right Way In Qatar


You must have heard people saying that “I wish I could buy some time”, well it is quite impossible but on the contrary, you can definitely save it. Bharath International helps you save time on one of the most laborious, time-consuming processes. Yes, you guessed it right, on attestation.

Birth Certificate Attestation, No More A Hassle-Filled Process

In Qatar, Bharath international takes care of all your attestation needs and that too swiftly within 7 working days. It is not different for birth certificates, considered as one of the most important documents needed to state your arrival into this world.
With Bharath international, the certificate attestation services in Qatar have taken up a new and more efficient form. The attestation of birth certificates has become easier and faster.

24 Hours Attestation Services Making It Even More Helpful For People

Yes, you heard it right, the attestation services provided by Bharath in Qatar is of a 24-hour nature making it one of the most ideal places to get birth certificates attested. No wonder we are considered to be one of the premium agencies for birth certificate attestations in Qatar.

The good thing about this feature is that people can go on with their attestation process without any time constraints. What happens most of the times is that people need to go for a 9 to 5 job and attestation services will also be functioning in the same time frame forcing them to take a leave or a half day leading to more stress at workplaces, but with Bharath birth certificate attestation services this hassle is removed forever since people can go about seeking this service after work hours in their most relaxed selves.

The Need For A Birth Certificate Attestation

The need for a birth certificate attestation is quite evident from time immemorial and attestations are just the final seal to make this document authentic. It holds a lot of value in signifying an individual’s place in society and also helps in identifying and tracking your age. The birth certificates are a must for people seeking a family visa status in foreign countries and also for migration purposes.

Attestation – That Seal Which Makes All The Difference

Let us look at what attestation actually is to get a clearer picture.

Attestation is nothing but the approval given to a document by a prominent or government official holding a post of value so that the document becomes valid for future references. It is a statement which renders a birth certificate true to its real value.

The Power Of Attestation On A Birth Certificate

As is the case with any other document, an attestation bestows a lot of power onto a birth certificate making it immune to all rejections. It is equally important in India as it gives you proper identity and authority. The attestation done to the birth certificate gives it the ultimate authenticity.

Impeccable Attestation Services Through A Wide Range Of Authorities

The birth certificate attestations are done through a wide number of required ministries like the GAD / Home Ministry / Home Department, Mantralaya, Secretariat and Notary, MEA \96 Ministry of External Affairs, Embassy or Consulate and MOFA. Bharath International with their flawless approach is redefining birth certificate attestation services.

Birth certificates can be life-changing documents and when you get it attested from a place like Bharath the value is only increased manifolds.

Trust The Best To Get The Best

The attestation services provided by Bharath in Qatar is definitely unmatched and fast. The authenticity along with quick results makes it one of the most sought after agencies in Qatar for all kinds of attestations besides birth certificate.

Take for instance commercial and company documents attestation, all are safe in the hands of Bharath International. Along with providing the best services in attestation they also are into a wide range of operations under the name Bharath International.

Tracking Facilities

We agree with the fact that many agencies successfully complete your birth certificate attestation processes but the feature that sets apart Bharath from the rest is the facility to track the progress of your attestation process. The customer support members who work on a 24×7 model are there to assist you regarding anything and everything in connection with your attestation queries.

Join Hands With Us For Birth Certificate Attestations

Convincing isn’t it? Why shouldn’t it be? These are reasons enough to make you choose us for all your birth certificate attestation services. Timely and professional attestation services and hands-on tracking system makes us one of the favourites among the people in Qatar for their birth certificate attestation needs.

So what are you waiting for, come to us for all attestation requirements and experience service like never before.