Bharath International Attestation Services

Bharath International attestation services

Migration has become a common term in modern life as many countries rapidly develop by inviting immigrants. Bharath International attestation services are considered the best in Qatar. We have been providing educational, non-educational, and personal document attestations at affordable prices.

When it comes to legalizing a document, there are many formalities and requirements that need to be considered. With many people planning or already moving abroad to pursue their professional ambitions or objectives, the requirement for a genuine attestation and apostille-related service provider is imperative.


We offer different types of attestation services, from degree certificates to experience certificates, along with other services such as PAN cards, translation, etc. For individuals who’re moving abroad, attestation can turn out to be a complicated process to follow and complete. Our team consists of industry-leading experts and well-trained individuals who can assist and handle the procedures with proper guidelines.

They will take the necessary steps and deliver the attested documents without any delays. At Bharath International, we believe communication plays an important role in any line of business, so our team will always be available round the clock to clear up queries regarding the attestation and apostille procedures.


For Your Ambitions, Rely on Bharath International Attestation Services

With years of experience in the attestation industry, Bharath International is the ideal destination for making your dreams a reality. Since our firm is located in Qatar, we have a wide reach in different parts of the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Bharath International attestation services can complete the legalisation of your certificates within 7–10 Indian working days, and unlike many other firms, we don’t charge fees for collection and delivery. Our mode of business operations is transparent and convenient to avoid hindrances and emphasise customer satisfaction.


An attestation involves a chain of procedures that includes several administrations of a nation, so having our experience can save you time and, most importantly, money. Once a document is attested, it will be regarded as genuine by foreign embassies, and you can go after your dreams abroad.

Ever since we started our operations in Qatar, we have been successfully helping our customers with their attestation requirements. Bharath International is the very first name you should think of when you’re thinking about attesting your educational or non-educational documents.

From Bharath International, Various Attestation Services

Are you searching for an authentic attestation service provider to attest your engineering certificates? Bharath International is here to assist you. We provide different types of attestation services that range from personal to cooperative documents.

To complete any attestation procedure, authorities demand the submission of genuine documents. When you’re handing over documents to Bharath International, we will take care of them by providing insurance.


Every person who is moving abroad will have a purpose, and as an attestation-related service provider, we understand the importance of the attestation procedure to our customers. Our highly-trained staff is known for taking care of any demanding challenges that usually occur during the attestation process.

If not done properly, an attestation process could be convoluted, and the chances of rejecting documents will increase. Bharath International can provide attestation services that go beyond limitations with a better understanding of foreign policies and increased accessibility.

Attest Your Documents Without Any Hassle

No matter where you’re traveling or migrating in the world, it is important to submit attested documents to eliminate any legal issues. Bharath International attestation services are available to help with your certificate attestation at any time of the day. 

With years of dedication and unwavering service in providing different types of attestation solutions to our customers, we have become the most preferred attestation firm in Qatar.

Understand More About the Apostille Required Countries

Apostille Required Countries | Qatar

The term “apostille” is quite a familiar word that we hear often when we try to study or migrate to any nation that belongs to the Hague Convention. Most of us are frequently frustrated by the lengthy apostille procedures that take up a significant portion of our day.

With Bharath International, you can understand more about the procedures of apostille required countries and complete your requirements within a short period of time. Over the last couple of years, we have helped a lot of our customers with their certificate attestation as an attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar.

The opportunities in Qatar are boundless, as the nation is a global capital for modern business solutions. So the rules and regulations also became more challenging for ordinary people to follow, especially in the matter of apostille and attestation services.

Bharath International identifies and acts as a reliable partner for dealing with hectic certificate attention by lifting the burden on customers. We take accountability for the entire attestation procedure without making our customers uncomfortable and complete the whole procedure in record time.

Bharath International Can Help You With Procedures For Apostille Required Countries 

There are more than 100 nations that are part of the Hague Convention, and once you complete the apostille of a document, then it is valid for the entire group of nations that belong to the Hague Convention.

Bharath International can help you with procedures for apostille required countries. An apostille is usually a type of attestation in which the documents are legalized in a specific format.

If it’s not done right, it can take a lot of time, so it is better to have a professional attestation service provider along with you. Bharath International offers a complete apostille service in Qatar around the clock. Our team is lively and responsive to every certificate attestation.

With many people either migrating or studying at foreign universities, the possibilities of false acts on certificates are limitless, so every country has its own certificate attestation requirements.

Well, most of the time, once a document is apostilled, it cannot be rejected, but sometimes if there’s an issue with the origin of the attestation, then it can become counteract, so having an experienced attestation service provider like Bharath International is quite important. Still, have some doubts? Contact our experts and start your attestation procedures now.

The Customer-Oriented Apostille and Attestation Services of Bharath International

There are many attestation firms located in Qatar that offer several attestation services, and then there is Bharath International. We have quickly garnered some applause and goodwill by offering customer-oriented apostille and attestation services in the heart of Qatar.

Our well-trained workforce can take care of personal, educational, and non-educational certificate attestations at any time of the day. By infusing modern technologies into our day-to-day operations, we are always a step ahead than others for you.

We are passionate about our work and always understand the requirements of our customers. Having your documents attested can ease out the hectic requirements while you move to Qatar or any other developed nation. All of our processes are cost-effective as we provide free collection and delivery of attested documents.

Bharath International Always Understands Your Requirements 

As the foremost attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar, we take care of every type of certificate attestation by understanding your requirements.  Our experts can explain all the timid procedures for the apostille required countries.

Nowadays, it is important to get your certificates attested, so let us take the responsibility for yours and remove the burden from your shoulders. Bharath International provides the most complete apostille and attestation services in the Middle East.

Complete Your Salary Certificate Attestation Accurately with Bharath International

Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Bharath International

Qatar is a nation that is always open to the latest innovations and business ideas that can manifold the economy multiple times. That’s the reason it is now considered a global hub for multinational firms.

For over two decades now, there’s been a rise in the number of people who travel to developed countries like Qatar for better opportunities, and certain requirements are implemented to be followed to ascertain the authenticity of individuals and their purposes. One of the important requirements in that list is the salary certificate attestation, which is mandatory if you’re applying for a new job abroad and in Qatar locations.

Bharath International has emerged as a successful attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar within a short period of time, owing to its commitment and willingness to provide the very best services for our customers, including translation services.

As many of our clients approach us to complete their certificate attestation in an emergency, we have assembled a well-trained workforce and also equipped ourselves with the latest modern technologies to make sure we will deliver the attested certificates on time considering our customer’s requirements.

The Convincing Salary Certificate Attestation Services of Bharath International

A salary certificate is an official document that contains details about an employee’s salary. It is taken as proof of employment provided by the employer. Salary certificate attestation is a must for those who are planning to search for better job opportunities abroad and in Qatar locations.

Otherwise, the genuineness of your salary certificate won’t be considered by employers, which can affect the possibility of your job. Attestation of the salary certificate was not considered a mandatory requirement in earlier times, but nowadays, as a result of an increase in forgery, it is a basic validating document for almost every company.

With expertise in this division of work, Bharath International can speed up the attestation of your salary certificate. Like we guarantee any other certificate attestations, we can also assure you that we will deliver your attested salary certificate within 7-10 Indian working days. We don’t charge any single amount of money for collecting and delivering your documents.

Our Tracking ID facility will allow customers to know the latest status of their attestation procedure. When it comes to handling your professional certificates, it is better to move forward with an elite service provider such as Bharath International.

We Offer Professional Translation Services 

Generally, every global company prefers to operate their business in the global language, but in some countries, all certificates, memos, and so on must be documented in the official language of that particular country, which can cause miscommunication between two parties, so they must be translated to know the core meaning of the statements.

At Bharath International, we offer professional translation services that can help you conduct business functions more fluently.

Whether it’s just a few paragraphs of a page or the entire page itself, or a website and marketing plan that require a complex localization treatment, Bharath International has enough experience, well-trained staff, and modern resources that can get the translation requirements completed within a short time.

We promise accuracy in our work to our customers, and that is why many of them choose us for translating any language for their business operations.

Bharath International Always Takes Care of Your Attestations

We build our reputation among our customers by serving them with the utmost professionalism and commitment. Since we handle attestations of both personal and educational certificates together, our experience is vast and also convincing for the clients.

Bharath International can take care of your salary certificate attestation or any certificate attestation in Qatar without burdening you with the complexity of attestation procedures.

Our expertise extends not only to attestation but also to a variety of other services, including translation services. Now, complete any complicated attestation procedures with Bharath International and go beyond the limits.

Professional Affidavit Attestation Services in Qatar of Bharath International

Affidavit Attestation Services in Qatar | Bharath International

The rules and regulations are implemented with the intent of making the lives of people easier and hassle-free. But so often, most of us get tangled up in certain legal requirements and fail to complete our tasks after spending so much money and wasting valuable time.

At this challenging time, you need a legal service provider who can help you complete any of your attestation and apostille-related services. Bharath International has been providing affidavit attestation services in Qatar along with many other attestation services in a very professional and prompt manner.

This is why most of our customers are still returning to us to complete their attestation requirements. Our extensive reach to different regions across Qatar makes us a suitable choice for many of their attestation services.

Bharath International offers free collection and delivery services for customers in a convincing manner. Nowadays, the relevance of attesting your educational or non-educational certificates is very significant, so reaching a genuine attestation service provider like Bharath International can help your life a long way.

Get the Best Affidavit Attestation Services in Qatar from Bharath International

An affidavit is a written statement of evidence or statement of facts, sworn to and signed by the affiant or deponent in front of a notary public or some higher authority to validate that oath. The affidavit should be attested by government officials to confirm its genuinity and originality before being used for official purposes.

An affidavit may be required for traveling to a foreign country, and Bharath International provides affidavit attestation services in Qatar by guaranteeing complete attestation within just 7- 10 Indian working days.

The affidavit attestation needs to be operated smartly since, without properly documenting details, the chances of getting a rejection from the official government department will be higher. Bharath International can take care of your affidavit attestation in a satisfying manner.

Our dedicated workforce will make sure that your documents and certificates are properly put forward to complete the attestation process without any delay. Since our experts are always available round the clock, you can reach us to understand the procedure for your required certificate attestation.

We Provide Free Collection and Delivery Services

Bharath International always places its business value on the well-being of its customers, and every customer is handled just like our partner to build a long-term relationship with them. We understand each customer reaches us with the utmost trust to assist them with their certificate attestation, no matter whether it is educational or non-educational.

The other factor which makes our clients choose us over others is that we provide free collection and delivery services of the attested certificates within a very short period of time.

We only receive payment after we deliver your attested certificate, which is usually a big relief for most customers. Customers can always know the status of their certificate-attesting process with our efficient and accurate tracking system.

Bharath International values privacy as well as security, so every document and certificate our customers submit will be insured to avoid any complications in the near future.

Bharath International Always Takes the Burden From You

Finding a reliable firm for any attestation requirements is always a challenge, especially in a country like Qatar. And now that crisis is solved by Bharath International with quality and customer-centric attestation services. Our affidavit attestation services in Qatar are par excellence like any other of our attestation services.

Everyone now charges a certain amount for their services regardless, but as a friendly attestation service provider, we guarantee the free collection and delivery services for your attested documents. Bharath International understands what the customer needs, and that’s the reason we are considered the best in our division of work.

Bharath International Provides Commercial Registration in Qatar Easier

Commercial Registration in Qatar | Bharath International

Qatar is one of the countries that has been growing unprecedentedly in every sector because of its world-class infrastructure and farsighted vision of the future. Starting a business in an ambitious development country is always a portal to countless opportunities.

Now the legal requirements have been strictly followed, with many small and large enterprises dreaming of shifting their business onto the global stage. Bharath International makes commercial registration an easier procedure in Qatar with its experience and dedicated workforce.

We have been doing attestation business in Qatar for a long period of time now, which makes us one of the genuine and trustable attestation service providers.

It is very important to complete any educational and non-educational certificate attestation procedure in the Middle East according to the legal requirements, and when you choose Bharath International to move forward with any of your certificate attestations, you get prompt and time-bound attesting completion services at very affordable prices.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Registration?

Commercial registration in every country is different and must be followed according to their corresponding business policies. The documents that need to be registered for your company include all the details about the organization regarding the place of origin; ownership details; mode of registration; the structure of the firm; details of operations and so on.

Then this should be attested by a concerned authority if you’re planning to move your business to another country.

We can take care of different government entities to complete your registration without any delays. When you decide to complete this registration by yourself, it can cost you not just time but also a significant amount of money.

Bharath International can assist you with well-run operations strategies and highly-trained staff who can deal with any type of legal hassle at any time of the day. After the attestation, our firm can provide you with certificates within a time span of 7 Indian working days.

The Leader of the Attestation Business in Qatar

Bharath International made its name in the attestation business in Qatar with the utmost dedication and professional attitude towards each client. We believe our customers are the cornerstone of our success.

Located in the heart of the capital city, Doha, Bharath International has been providing attestation services for every type of customer from different parts of the community. Through our result-oriented attestation and apostille-related services, we have developed a long-term relationship with many of our clients who reside in Qatar and abroad.

As a successful attestation service provider, our primary aim is to take the burden of complicated attestation procedures off our customers in order to make their dreams come true.

We also focus on providing our services without being a burden on our customers’ pockets, so we don’t charge any fee to collect and deliver your attested certificates. As more and more legal requirements are being implemented every day, we are obligated to assist you with any of your attestation requirements.

We Value Your Trust in Us

For many years now, Bharath International has been the one-stop solution for many customers to complete any of their certificate attestations. Companies, regardless of their size, approach us for their commercial registration, PRO services, and more. Our tracking facility can get you updated with the latest stage of your certificate attestations.

We value your privacy and the safety of your documents, so we insure every document you submit to us. Bharath International is doing attestation business in Qatar with the aim of making people’s lives easier and free from the loopholes of legal requirements. Whether it is for the attestation of your personal documents or for your company, Bharath International is a name that you can count on.

Fast and Secure Experience Certificate Attestation by Bharath International

Experience Certificate Attestation in Qatar | Bharath International

If you’re planning to work in a high-profile company in Qatar or any other country, then experience certificate attestation is a must-done procedure to show the genuinity of your work status and to avoid any future hassles.

Also known as the employment certificate, the experience certificate is provided to the employee upon the completion of his/her employment and certifies the employee’s experience in an organization. Bharath International provides a fast and secure certificate attestation service in Qatar.

Getting your documents attested is not a headache anymore. Our experts can personally assist you and complete every document attestation within a short period of time. Since there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you abroad, it is better to attest all your documents as early as possible.

Bharath International offers marriage certificate attestation along with many other certificate attestations at affordable prices. With quality customer service and a professional approach to every demand by our customers, we have made a reputable name in this work division.

Experience Certificate Attestation Service by Bharath International

The experience certificate consists of information regarding work experience, the name of the designation, your achievements, and so on. Procedures for experience certificate attestation are normally long and time-consuming.

There are many legal requirements for attesting an experience certificate, but Bharath International can take the burden from you. Our expertise and decision-making skills can ease your attestation procedure without any delay.

Bharath International is very much driven by customer satisfaction. Our well-trained staff will personally update you with every update of your attestation status and also provide you with a tracking ID to help you keep up with the attestation procedure.

Having your experience certificate attested by a designated person, authority, or department will always boost your chances of landing an attractive job abroad. At Bharath International, we are eagerly waiting to assist you with attestation and apostille-related services.

We Offer Professional Marriage Certificate Attestation 

Marriage certificate attestation is an obligatory process for traveling with your spouse abroad. Attesting your marriage certificate by an authorised person or department or authorities with their official seal and signature will prove that your marriage certificate is legally authentic and genuine.

In Qatar, Bharath International is the most preferred service provider for attestation and apostille-related services for many residents. For families who are planning to migrate abroad, the attestation of the marriage certificate is very important since it proves your relationship with your wife.

Marriage certificates are part of your personal certificates that need legalization. A good designation is important to get family status in the Gulf and other countries. An attested degree or other qualification certificate is mandatory for most countries.

Bharath International can speed up this time-consuming procedure for you. We value your privacy, and every document will be insured for safety. Like with any other service we provide, our focus is always on fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Bharath International is Always There!

Over the years, Bharath International has been a lifesaver for many customers. Let it be an experience certificate attestation or any document attestation, our experts are there for you round the clock to assist you and sort out the complications that normally occur in attestation services.

We don’t charge any fees to collect your documents and also deliver attested documents to your doorsteps. Our experience and commitment make us different from the rest. When you contact us for personal requirements like marriage certificate attestation, we take full responsibility for your documents and complete your attestation swiftly.

No matter where you are planning to migrate or apply to study, Bharath International can sort out any attestation hassles because we are always there for you.

Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar by Bharath International

birth certificate attestation in Qatar

Over the years, Bharath International has become known for its attestation services for various educational or non-educational documents, such as birth certificate attestation in Qatar. Nowadays, it is very important to have your certificates attested for different legal purposes. Our team is committed to assisting you around the clock. If you’re already a Qatar resident or planning to move to Qatar, then our attestation services will aid you in completing the entire legal procedure without any hassle.

Qatar is the ultimate global destination for major corporate firms, and the nation provides several professional and non-professional jobs for various international citizens. Attestation of certificates and documents in Qatar is time-consuming as well as lingering. Without a partner like Bharath International, which offers fast attestation and delivery, one can find themselves in no man’s land. We always focus on explaining the whole attestation process to our customers so they can have an in-depth knowledge of the process.

Professional Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar

A birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of a person’s birth, usually including the names of the parents. Birth certificates must be attested in order to obtain a visa from Gulf countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and almost all other countries around the world. Bharath International offers professional birth certificate attestation in Qatar without any delay. Bharath International has immense experience and a dedicated team to assist you throughout the process.

Bharath International is preferred by many because of the credibility we possess in this division of work. Our team consists of well-trained experts to deal with every stage of the attestation process. We make sure your documents are insured and also provide you with a tracking ID to keep up with the latest updates on the legal procedure. By being a leading attestation service provider in the Middle East, we have developed good relationships with our customers as well as government departments to ensure flawless and accurate attestation of certificates.

Bharath International’s Fast Attestation and Delivery

By offering 24/7 services to our clients, we emphasize long-term customer relationships. There are plenty of attestation firms in Qatar that provide several legal services, but Bharath International stands out from the crowd by being a reliable partner. Our clients choose us over and over again for their certificate attestations because of the fast attestation and delivery we offer. Bharath International has been a handout for many students and job-seeking professionals. We relieve you of the burden and complete the entire attestation process in a timely manner.

Our entire function is based on the latest technology to make sure our customers are receiving their attested services at the desired time. We specialize in several certificate attestations and apostille-related services. Every certificate attestation service is different from each other and has various requirements, but our firm is well specialized in every certificate attestation service owing to our vast experience in this field. No matter what your attestation requirements are, we’re well equipped to assist you.

Certificate Attestation Services That You Can Trust

Let it be birth certificate attestation in Qatar or any other document attestation, Bharath International can guarantee you authentic and reliable attestation services. We don’t charge any amount for collection and delivery; the payment is just after we deliver your attested certificates at the stated time. If there’s any delay during the process, our team will inform you prior to it. Our sole aim is to become the most affordable attestation service provider in Qatar and we strive to be the one.

Attestation of certificates is a mandatory requirement if you’re planning to move abroad, and it should be done with the utmost attention to detail. By providing fast attestation and delivery, Bharath International has a large customer base, which makes us responsible for delivering satisfying attestation services. Now, complete your certificate attestations with Bharath International and achieve your dreams.

Purpose and procedures of Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar

What is an Educational Certificate Attestation?

Educational certificate attestation is the procedure of authenticating any educational documents through verification and proving their authenticity for future migration purposes mainly. You may be advised to attest your educational certificates for many travel purposes or migration. This is a mandatory document attestation When a person has to travel or migrate to a foreign country for higher education, employment, or any area of learning. Former educational certificates have to be attested and cross-checked for proving the genuinity of the study background.
Bharath International provides reliable and fast documentation for Educational certificate attestation services in Qatar. In education certificate attestation, there are many important documents and all are taken with utmost care and responsibility. Attestation of degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate etc is the certificate that usually comes under educational certificates and generally, this certificate attestation is handled by experienced documentation professionals as they are very important certificates important for building up a career and high benefits for your future. Educational certificate attestation is mandatory to increase the credibility of the certificate for international purposes regarding your migration and higher education.

What are the major Educational certificates?

  • Diploma certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • HSC certificate
  • SSLC certificate
  • PG certificate
  • PhD Certificate

Purpose of Educational Certificate Attestation

Educational certificate attestation is mandatory for many purposes to verify that your learning background is true and Authentic.

  • For Higher education.
  • For Employment.
  • For Migration.
  • To attain a Job or work permit in a foreign company
  • Family dependent visa for spouse and children
  • Setting up Business in a foreign country
  • Sponsorship or Resident Visa
  • Change of Profession abroad
  • Change of Visa status abroad

Reason to pick us

Bharath international is an experienced team of professionals that can provide complete support, guidance and assistance throughout the documentation and Educational certificate attestation in Qatar. we have experts in certificate and document handling. We regularly update our services and parameters periodically with the different Ministries and Embassies. We never fail to share the same with our repeat clients and corporates to make sure that the process is streamlined at all times.

As a committed attestation team, we ensure our clients are fairly and accurately informed of all the processes, documents requirement, processing times, charges of services, package tracking, help desks and much more. Keeping the client informed has been our key to achieving our goals and we never fail to satisfy our clients.

Bharath International Provisions

Bharath International takes the burden of educational certificate attestation procedures from anyone who is in need and takes it upon their own shoulders, making it a whole lot easier for any person who needs to get certificates attested. Apart from the top service in the sector, we provide a variety of services to our clients such as:

  • We provide documents and certificate handling experts who have wide knowledge to overcome the attestation process to execute the attestation/legalization procedure in a very short time.
  • Our staffs are well trained and can easily handle cases deal with official departments and clients too
  • We have GPS tracking facilities and they can provide accurate location regarding the package via text message or comfortable means
  • Any unexpected delays in the processing are pre-informed to the client with proper reasoning.
  • We ensure zero delays and no negligence in the Educational certificate attestation process.
  • We provide free collection service and delivery services anywhere in Qatar

What is the processing time for the Attestation of Educational Certificates?

Educational certificate attestation is fast and reliable, you can get attested within 2-3 days, we are able to give the attested document to your doorstep within 7 Indian working days. Any type of educational document is attested within 7 Indian working days along with proper tracking and status of the document.

Personal Certificate Attestation and its reasons

attestation services in Qatar

Attestation is the procedure of Examing the Authenticity of a document by verifying and confirming every small detail given on it and after that manifesting it authentic with the sign, seal or signature of verifying personnel who is handling the documentation on it. Legalization of a document to the required level is compulsory so that it could be accepted easily in any foreign country you wish to go to. Proper attestation of documents is very important if you’re planning to migrate or go abroad. Attesting your documents is for ensuring a safe and trouble-free journey and that’s why it’s considered a steady and careful process. You can see the seriousness of the document process just by seeing and reading the face of the government officials or person who is handling the documentation procedure or Attestation. BHARATH INTERNATIONAL provides the best certificate attestation service in the documentation procedures and we have active attestation services in Qatar.

Personal certificates and Attesting them

Talking of attestation, there are many types of certificate attestation and the nature of documents vary from each other. You must be wondering why are we telling all this, so coming to the point each attestation has its own protocols and the nature of the certificate plays an important role in it. Time of attestation and the governing official’s procedure changes according to the document, BHARATH INTERNATIONAL attestation is so fast and safe as we always satisfy our clients by delivering their attested document on time. Any type or nature of your document, we assume you to deliver within 7 Indian working days in your hands. we have active attestation services in Qatar

attestation services in Qatar

Personal certificates and reasons for Attesting

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Medicinal reports
  • Death certificate
  • Legal heirship

Marriage Certificate attestation

A Marriage Certificate is an important personal document that requires legalization. The authentication of the Marriage Certificate is necessary for proving your and your document’s authenticity. The process of legalization is implemented by the native government granting permission to enter the desired country abroad.

The purpose of marriage certificate attestation

  • Migration procedures
  • Obtaining a family residence visa
  • Sponsorship of the spouse

Birth certificate attestation

An attested birth certificate is a mandatory document if a person is considering studying abroad. Normally, any college or university one gets accepted asks you to yield a copy of the certificate. Along with the educational institutions, it is a necessary requirement for the visa too. It gives crucial information such as the country of origin along with the date of birth of the person.

Purpose of birth certificate attestation

  • Migrating abroad
  • Educational purposes
  • Changing the name of the child

Medicinal Report Attestation

It is the act of witnessing a Medical certificate by an authorised person with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that the specified Medical certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and the signature on that particular Medical certificate is genuine and authentic. You can easily avail of our attestation services in Qatar as we have an active branch over there.

Purpose of medicinal report attestation

  • Submitting sick leave for an organization
  • Emergency migration purposes

Death certificate attestation

Death certificate attestation is used to establish the fact of death legally, and for relieving the deceased from social, legal and official obligations.

Purpose of Death certificate attestation

  • Closing bank accounts
  • Claiming insurance
  • Selling property

Legal Heirship Attestation

Attestation of the Legal heir certificate attestation is mainly used for acquiring the inheritance of any property, which is left behind by the deceased person. This document is used to determine the appropriate legitimate heir for the ownership of a property on the sudden demise of the registered owner and to determine the next authority or a successor.

Purpose of attesting legal Heirship

  • Claiming ownership of properties and assets
  • Changing legal rights of a property
  • Finance purposes

Procedures for Degree Attestation in Qatar

Educational certificate attestation is the process of verifying and validating educational documents. Degree certificate attestation is a prerequisite when it comes to professional or academic purposes.  Degree attestation in Qatar is a crucial procedure Qatar wants everyone to follow it before migrating to Qatar. Certificate attestation for Qatar is a lengthy process. So you have to do it with professionals.  Hence Bharath International attestation services  ease the attestation procedures for you.

Importance of attesting your certificates

 Degree attestation in Qatar

Attestation is essential if you want to obtain employment abroad. The world has become a global village, traveling to places for professional and academic purposes has become quite easy. So, go through the right means and you can have a safe journey along with a secure career or studies. By getting your degree or educational certificates attested, you attain an employment card for your professional purposes. The employment card makes you valid to work in the respective foreign nation. An employment card along with attested documents would also fetch you a residence visa enabling you to settle along with your family.

Education Certificate Attestation in Doha

Degree attestation In Qatar


Now let us give you a glance regarding the various procedures required for the Education Certificate Attestation in Doha. As mentioned above, obtaining an attestation stamp from Qatar is a valid proof for the authenticity of your documents. Along with the authentication of the documents, it will also approve of you as a permissible individual. The concerned certificates are checked and verified at different levels and this makes it a lengthy process.  Only authorized personnel does the attestation.

Attestation process in educational certificate attestation for Qatar


Degree attestation in Qatar

The attestation of any educational certificate attestation for Qatar includes

  • Step one- Notary attestation from the home country. The initial stage of an educational attestation is done from the home department of the respective state. Once the notary attestation is done, the certificates are to be submitted at the home department.


  • Step two- option A- SDM attestation for Qatar. The sub-divisional magistrate’s office at Delhi verifies and attests the documents.


  • Step two- option B- HRD on the document for Qatar. The State Human Resource Department (HRD) is in charge of attesting certificates and documents issued by the paramedical and medical institution, Govt. school, Govt technical boards and others.  The Ministry of the external department and Embassy attestation takes up attestation from the former department.


  • Step two- option C- Foreign affairs attestation from the home country. The home department authenticates the document looking at the content of the document. Authentication of the certificate is the accurate representation of the originality of the document.


  • Step – three. MEA attestation for Qatar. After the authentication of the home department and  the Ministry of External Affairs carries out the attestation before handing it over to the Qatar Embassy. MEA attestation is necessary for the Education department attestation or Home department attestation. MEA is responsible for all educational, non-educational, commercial documents.


  • Qatar Embassy attestation. Here,  the Embassy of Qatar in New Delhi makes the attestation.    Embassy or consulate in Qatar does the final verification of all the educational or personal or professional documents issued by the particular country.


  • Ministry of foreign affairs from Qatar. The process of attestation ends here when the Ministry of Foreign affairs from Qatar verifies it  and gives their seal and stamp.

So process of attestation depends on the nature of the document and also the purpose of attestation. The various documents for degree certificate attestation are:

  • original documents of the certificates.
  • consolidated mark list of the certificates.
  • verification letter from the University or college.
  • full-time courses affiliated to UGC, AICTE or NAAC .

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