Bharath International Attestation Services

Bharath International attestation services

Migration has become a common term in modern life as many countries rapidly develop by inviting immigrants. Bharath International attestation services are considered the best in Qatar. We have been providing educational, non-educational, and personal document attestations at affordable prices.

When it comes to legalizing a document, there are many formalities and requirements that need to be considered. With many people planning or already moving abroad to pursue their professional ambitions or objectives, the requirement for a genuine attestation and apostille-related service provider is imperative.


We offer different types of attestation services, from degree certificates to experience certificates, along with other services such as PAN cards, translation, etc. For individuals who’re moving abroad, attestation can turn out to be a complicated process to follow and complete. Our team consists of industry-leading experts and well-trained individuals who can assist and handle the procedures with proper guidelines.

They will take the necessary steps and deliver the attested documents without any delays. At Bharath International, we believe communication plays an important role in any line of business, so our team will always be available round the clock to clear up queries regarding the attestation and apostille procedures.


For Your Ambitions, Rely on Bharath International Attestation Services

With years of experience in the attestation industry, Bharath International is the ideal destination for making your dreams a reality. Since our firm is located in Qatar, we have a wide reach in different parts of the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Bharath International attestation services can complete the legalisation of your certificates within 7–10 Indian working days, and unlike many other firms, we don’t charge fees for collection and delivery. Our mode of business operations is transparent and convenient to avoid hindrances and emphasise customer satisfaction.


An attestation involves a chain of procedures that includes several administrations of a nation, so having our experience can save you time and, most importantly, money. Once a document is attested, it will be regarded as genuine by foreign embassies, and you can go after your dreams abroad.

Ever since we started our operations in Qatar, we have been successfully helping our customers with their attestation requirements. Bharath International is the very first name you should think of when you’re thinking about attesting your educational or non-educational documents.

From Bharath International, Various Attestation Services

Are you searching for an authentic attestation service provider to attest your engineering certificates? Bharath International is here to assist you. We provide different types of attestation services that range from personal to cooperative documents.

To complete any attestation procedure, authorities demand the submission of genuine documents. When you’re handing over documents to Bharath International, we will take care of them by providing insurance.


Every person who is moving abroad will have a purpose, and as an attestation-related service provider, we understand the importance of the attestation procedure to our customers. Our highly-trained staff is known for taking care of any demanding challenges that usually occur during the attestation process.

If not done properly, an attestation process could be convoluted, and the chances of rejecting documents will increase. Bharath International can provide attestation services that go beyond limitations with a better understanding of foreign policies and increased accessibility.

Attest Your Documents Without Any Hassle

No matter where you’re traveling or migrating in the world, it is important to submit attested documents to eliminate any legal issues. Bharath International attestation services are available to help with your certificate attestation at any time of the day. 

With years of dedication and unwavering service in providing different types of attestation solutions to our customers, we have become the most preferred attestation firm in Qatar.

Understand More About the Apostille Required Countries

Apostille Required Countries | Qatar

The term “apostille” is quite a familiar word that we hear often when we try to study or migrate to any nation that belongs to the Hague Convention. Most of us are frequently frustrated by the lengthy apostille procedures that take up a significant portion of our day.

With Bharath International, you can understand more about the procedures of apostille required countries and complete your requirements within a short period of time. Over the last couple of years, we have helped a lot of our customers with their certificate attestation as an attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar.

The opportunities in Qatar are boundless, as the nation is a global capital for modern business solutions. So the rules and regulations also became more challenging for ordinary people to follow, especially in the matter of apostille and attestation services.

Bharath International identifies and acts as a reliable partner for dealing with hectic certificate attention by lifting the burden on customers. We take accountability for the entire attestation procedure without making our customers uncomfortable and complete the whole procedure in record time.

Bharath International Can Help You With Procedures For Apostille Required Countries 

There are more than 100 nations that are part of the Hague Convention, and once you complete the apostille of a document, then it is valid for the entire group of nations that belong to the Hague Convention.

Bharath International can help you with procedures for apostille required countries. An apostille is usually a type of attestation in which the documents are legalized in a specific format.

If it’s not done right, it can take a lot of time, so it is better to have a professional attestation service provider along with you. Bharath International offers a complete apostille service in Qatar around the clock. Our team is lively and responsive to every certificate attestation.

With many people either migrating or studying at foreign universities, the possibilities of false acts on certificates are limitless, so every country has its own certificate attestation requirements.

Well, most of the time, once a document is apostilled, it cannot be rejected, but sometimes if there’s an issue with the origin of the attestation, then it can become counteract, so having an experienced attestation service provider like Bharath International is quite important. Still, have some doubts? Contact our experts and start your attestation procedures now.

The Customer-Oriented Apostille and Attestation Services of Bharath International

There are many attestation firms located in Qatar that offer several attestation services, and then there is Bharath International. We have quickly garnered some applause and goodwill by offering customer-oriented apostille and attestation services in the heart of Qatar.

Our well-trained workforce can take care of personal, educational, and non-educational certificate attestations at any time of the day. By infusing modern technologies into our day-to-day operations, we are always a step ahead than others for you.

We are passionate about our work and always understand the requirements of our customers. Having your documents attested can ease out the hectic requirements while you move to Qatar or any other developed nation. All of our processes are cost-effective as we provide free collection and delivery of attested documents.

Bharath International Always Understands Your Requirements 

As the foremost attestation and apostille-related service provider in Qatar, we take care of every type of certificate attestation by understanding your requirements.  Our experts can explain all the timid procedures for the apostille required countries.

Nowadays, it is important to get your certificates attested, so let us take the responsibility for yours and remove the burden from your shoulders. Bharath International provides the most complete apostille and attestation services in the Middle East.

How can an education certificate for Qatar be legalized?

Education certificate attestation for Qatar

Education certificate attestation for Qatar and its legal procedures?

Have you completed your studies? If so, you may have several dazzling plans about the future, isn’t it? 

Some of you might have dreamed about a fabulous overseas career or an international higher education from a foreign university. Whatever your situation, boarding into another country is a time-consuming task. The required attestation procedures even make it more tedious. However, you need to attest all your educational certificated before boarding. 

It underlines your genuinity and identifies your origin of country and identity. It is not all about your qualification and achievements. It is seen as a document for identifying who you are and what is your purpose of visit. Thus, getting a proper attestation saves your resources and ensure a hassle-free abroad life. So, let us take a deep look at the importance of attestation and the right steps involved.  

The state of Qatar is situated in the Arabian Peninsula where education certificate attestation is very pivotal and are always strictly abided by the law.  As we have seen the importance of attestation is beyond words.  

Attestation in simple terms an official act of authenticating a claim of something such as country of origin, date of birth by a government official. It is usually accompanied by a seal and designated signature from the intended department. The attestation starts from the notary and then move to the home department of state. 

Education certificate attestation for Qatar

How to attest degree certificate or how to get your diploma certificate attestation are some of the common queries you will have in your head. Generally, it has three tires as follows in Qatar.

Attest all your educational certificate and legalize your purpose of visit. All Gulf countries including Oman, UAE, Dubai and Qatar demand attested educational certificates for seeking a job or pursuing higher education. In order to get an employment visa in Qatar, the attestation is the only way. 

One of the important attestations is educational certificates. There are different type of educational certificates and some of them are listed below.


  • Mark sheet attestation 
  • Degree certificate attestation
  • Engineering certificate attestation
  • Diploma certificate attestation
  • Provisional certificate attestation


Likewise, engineering and TC attestation can be fetched with Bharath International. 

The required documents are always needed for attestation such as original certificate and passport and all other supporting documents. 

  • Qatar ID copy
  • Original certificate
  • Copy of passport 
  • Bonafide letter from the college
  • Final year mark list

The procedure of educational certificates legalization is as follows.  

TC attestation

Notary attestation 

It is the foremost step in the attestation procedure and it takes place in one’s home country.  After getting attestation, you can go for attestation in the home department. Your notary attestation accentuates the fact that all your claims are true and sincere.

 HRD Attestation 

Human resource department ( HRD) is liable to verify all your documents. Their stamp validates the educational certificate is updated and genuine. This attestation is secure prior to MEA attestation. 

MEA Attestation 

After state department official validation of the document, MEA attestation take place. All your educational certificate need to undergo this phase of the examination. It is well executed by the Ministry Of  Foreign Affairs Attestation. 

Embassy Attestation

Consulate attestation is the aliases of embassy attestation and it is the last phase of the attestation procedure carried out by the Qatar embassy. Make all your claims legalized with embassy attestation. 

Besides these a higher form of attestation exist, it is called Apostille. It is a form of attestation that is accepted in ninety-two countries by Hague convention. This global attestation is admissible in many countries including Qatar. Apostille attestation is a computer-generated stamp that is inscribed on the certificate. 

Attesting your document is a tedious job for you, within your busy daily life. Your balancing act as a juggling parent and fulltime worker is a real concern for us. We understand your concerns and are determined to provide the best attestation services at arm’s length. With Bharath international, you can feel relaxed and be sure to get the desired results. We provide top class attestation services within a prescribed time. Our experienced staff are always available at your disposal. 

We provide these facilities for smoother and faster attestation services.

  • Free pick up and delivery of documents
  • Track your document status 
  • Payment after delivery 
  • Documents insured

Give your personal and professional life a hike by achieving your dreams in a foreign land. With Bharath International, we can lend you hands for a brighter future with a minimum time limit. Enjoy our range of attestation services other than educational certificates and follow all your dreams.  

Importance for Attestation for Divorce Paper

Certificate Attestation

Divorce is the process of dissolution of marriage in which the couple is separated by law. Although it is not something exciting as a wedding, it is a mutual and logical decision taken by a couple if they are unable to live together.

Once you get the divorce certificate, you think everything is officially over, don’t you?

Well, technically it’s over if you are not going anywhere. But, if you are planning to go somewhere, like abroad, then certificate attestation should be done.

But if you are a divorcee, this is where your divorce certificate is highly needed for attesting.

Wait, what?

Why should I attest my divorce certificate? You must be thinking.

The Importance

certificate attestationTo be simple, certificates for attestation are categorized into three types. They are educational, non-educational and commercial certificates. Documents such as birth, death & divorce certificates fall under non-educational certificate attestation.

So, you want to know the importance of divorce certificate attestation, isn’t it?

We all know that the basic purpose of attestation services is to grant legal status for your documents. This is done by verifying and making sure that the submitted documents are genuine. Therefore, by attesting your divorce certificate, the officials confirm your marital status.

Why Divorce Certificate Attestation

Certificate AttestationAs mentioned earlier, getting your divorce certificate attested is to verify that your marital status is single. If you plan to work or if you want to marry a citizen of that country, divorce certificate attestation is needed.

By attesting your certificates, you are safe on the legal side. since you are going to a foreign country, you don’t get on the illegal side by not attesting the certificates. If you want to apply or cancel an existing VISA to a foreign country, you need to get your certificates attested.

Even if you are applying for a new passport or if want to remove the names of your spouse/wife, divorce certificate attestation is needed.

The Requirements

For divorce certificate attestation, you need to have the following documents:

  • Original divorce certificate
  • Visa copy
  • Passport copies
  • Passport size photos

Although these can vary for different countries. However, passport copies and divorce certificate is always needed.

How The Attestation Procedure is Done

certificate attestationGulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, etc all provide attesting services for certificates. For example, your divorce certificate is issued from India, and you want to work in Qatar, then the certificate must be attested. The typical process for the certificate attestation is as follows.

The Notary Public department does the first stage verification. The respective State Home Department performs the second stage verification. The third verification procedure is done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). An MEA stamp is applied after verification.

The Embassy/ consulate of the country does the final verification. Although the time taken for processing of certificates varies depending on the issuing country. However, it won’t be long and takes only a few days.

Attest From The Best Agency

certificate attestationCertificate attestation is a very important procedure. It must be always done from a well-known agency having considerable experience in attesting certificates. Educational certificate attestation, non-educational certificate attestation, and commercial certificate attestation are the different types of certificate attestation.

There are many attestation companies in Qatar that provide 24-hour attestation services for documents. However, to choose the right one, it requires the consideration of many factors. This includes experience, reputation, quality of services and more. Bharath International is the one agency that satisfies every factor

Want to know how we help you in attesting your divorce certificate?

Keep reading.

How Bharath Helps You

certificate attestationBharath International is one of the reputed certificate attestation companies in Qatar. We provide attestation services for divorce certificates, commercial certificates, educational certificates, etc.

We only provide professional quality services for our customers,  handle your documents very carefully. After attesting them we hand over to you in a sealed package.

We provide the fastest certificate attestation services so that you have no worries or delays. You can track the status of your documents through our online tracking system. For that, you can use the unique code you get. You can ensure the real-time progress of your certificate attestation.

If you are looking for the best attesting agency for your certificates, Bharath International is the right choice for you. For more information, please visit our office or drop us a call and we will get back to you.

Educational & Non Educational Certificate Attestation Procedures

certificate attestation procedure

Having a job abroad with lots of perks associated is a dream of every student who has completed his or her graduation level. It is only after getting their degree certificates in hand they realise the tough procedures for making their dream into a reality. Most countries welcome migrants with strict rules and regulations especially in the case of education. For non-educational purposes also the situation is not different. Attestation is the main villain as far as certificates are considered. An improper attestation could lead to troubles in a foreign country if there occurs some gaps in the whole attestation procedure.

Bharath International is a unique name in the Educational Certificate Attestation as well as in the Non Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE. We assist you in getting your documents verified from the certified authorities of Qatar by obtaining their official seal and signature. Ministry of external affairs certificate attestation procedure is a long and tiring one where the applicant may often get confused all along. In order to avoid this Bharath International stays along with our customers until the whole process of attestation is completed and you get back your attested certificates. To prove that your certificate is genuine, attestation is a must process.

The main purpose of Educational Certificate Attestation for Qatar is to obtain an employment visa or Labour Card for most of the designation. To obtain residence visa for wife, children and in-laws you need to attest other Non-Educational Certificates. For your child to get admission in a school through Transfer Certificate also you need the attestation. In the certificate attestation for Qatar procedure you need to produce the Original documents. Only then it becomes valid and can be used in Qatar for the concerned purposes.


Usually the following documents can get be attested from Qatar Embassy:

Educational Certificate Attestation

  • Master Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Secondary Level Certificate
  • Training Certificate
  • CBSE Certificate
  • VHSE Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • AMIE Certificate
  • National Trade Certificate
  • PHD Certificate
  • Private Certificate
  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • ME Degree Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • MS/MD Degree Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Passing Certificate
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Online Degree Certificate
  • Distance Education Certificate
  • Management Degree Certificate
  • Provisional Degree Certificate

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Ability Certificate
  • Experience Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Ship Book
  • Registration Certificate
  • Reference Letter
  • NOC Affidavit
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Finger Print
  • Affidavit
  • Copy of Passport
  • Power of Attorney

Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires a bonafide letter from the university where you have studied in which details about the type of degree, duration of course, certificate authority, study system etc. should be mentioned. The following list of documents are a must for Educational Certificate Attestation:

  • Original Certificate issued by the home country
  • Final mark sheets
  • A bonafide letter issued by the College or University
  • Passport copy of the candidate

Educational Certificate Attestation Process includes attestation of the document by the authorised bodies such as:

  • Notary Attestation from the Home Country
  • Foreign Affairs Attestation from the Home Country
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Qatar

The Embassy attests your Educational Certificates including the Degree certificate along with consolidated mark sheets. It should be noted that the UAE embassy attestation will never occur for separate attestation of Degree certificate or mark sheet. Keep in mind to present the original degree certificate with final year mark-sheets. A Govt. recognised institute must provide you the degree certificate and the course has to be full time with affiliation to a government recognised university. A Verification Letter from the concerned University has to be submitted along with the certificate without which attestation will never be done.

For Non Educational Certificate Attestation from Foreign Embassy you can get Attestation from the State Education Department (HRD) of respective state where you belong to followed by Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and then later Attestation from the Embassy of the State of Qatar. In some cases you may have to consult the Sub Division Magistrate (SDM) for Attestation at first.

You can go through our website to get attestation certificate sample or education certificate format.

Attestation of documents is a vital thing that should never be neglected. Verification and authentication must be done on time in order to avoid legal issues in the future. For all your doubts regarding marriage certificate attestation procedure or certificate in education online you can contact the expert panel of Bharath International. For all Academic, Personal or commercial certificate attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) & Respective State Departments, feel free in contacting us.

certificate attestation procedure